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Today, Iran is renowned as an emerging economy, engaging in international trade and investment in recent months following the nuclear agreement reached with world governing bodies earlier this year. Combined with a young population and increased wealth, Iran is quickly obtaining a reputation as a land of opportunity for businesses.in other words, Iran is moving towards economic growth and government is encouraging foreign and national investment in private sectors.

In the current market, firms must be able to handle work in the areas of international commerce, investment, legal and criminal services, arbitration law and more specialized sections. This means there is a need for lawyers with wider experience and of course the ability to communicate in English, which is why DADPOOYAN Law Firm chose to go a step further when it put together one of the most proficient and accessible teams of Iranian lawyers. Customer service and care for handling a client from the point of responding to inquiries, to the point of conducting the work is an area that we are developing much further in joint partnership with foreign law firms.

At DADPOOYAN Law Firm, we base all our work on certain principals and rules, Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Respect, and Trust. If you are looking for a law firm with experienced, dedicated, well-rounded and aggressive attorneys, DADPOOYAN Law Firm can give you the legal advice and representation that you need.  When you have a legal issue, you want to know that your attorney will have the resources, time and ability to give you the best legal advocacy possible.

DADPOOYAN Law Firm has dedicated his practice to providing clients from all walks of life with excellent service and he and his legal team have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout Iran.  If you have a legal issue in the area of Trade Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law, Investment Law, Arbitration Law, Custom and Banking Law and other legal issues, you will be able to find an attorney who focuses exclusively on the type of law that you need.

In addition to the internal teams of experts and attorneys, the firm also relies on a number of external resources such as nationally and globally recognized experts if and when required to ensure our valued clients and associates with the best possible advice in a variety of legal areas concerning Iran.

Our goal is to provide the best legal services, fast, accurate and personal attention to all cases entrusted to our firm, taking into consideration the client’s interests and assuring that the minimum costs will be incurred. And we are proud that domestic and foreign corporations have entrusted us with their different cases during past years.

At the end, for further information on our services and core team, please visit our website and feel free to contact us should you need any further information

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Dadpouyan Hami is a non-governmental International Law firm and arbitrary institute based in Tehran, Iran.

We provide professional national and international legal services for national and international individuals and legal entities including governmental and non-governmental organizations and companies. Our services are provided by more than 40 legal experts, jurists, lawyers, arbitrary professionals and contract consultants who as a team in order to improve the legal quality of constructional, industrial, financial, and commercial contracts.