Legal Overview of Lands in Iran


Ownership is a permanent right through which a person can possess a property according to the regulations and enjoy all interests thereof. Ownership is a useful notion throughout the legal systems around the world, which was created with the creation of humans on earth. The owners’ rights and the pertinent governing regulations have gradually experienced many changes.( Legal Overview

One of the ownership rights and perhaps the most important one is ownership of lands. Land, as an immovable property, have been one of the most essential needs of humankind throughout the history. Due to its significance and dependency on domestic borders and economy of countries, the legislatures have always ratified regulations that increase the interference of governments on different grounds such as social necessities, public interests, social expediency and sovereignty and also try to enhance the use of lands in order to benefit from the value thereof in economy and investment. However, these regulations are not always passed to the prejudice of people. In fact, the result of these regulations might be to the benefit of persons.

After lifting of sanctions, foreign investors enter into Iran’s market with a positive view. Some of the investors have commenced their activity in different industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors and some are gathering financial, economic and legal information in order to evaluate the economic justification for entering into the Iranian market.

Domestic and foreign investors of several sectors including Tourism Industry, Hotels and Renewable Energy Power Plants (wind, biomass and solar), need to purchase or lease the lands of their projects. Due to the multiplicity of laws and regulations in this regard, it would be impossible to purchase or lease lands without legal assessment of different types of lands, the owner(s), being assured that the persons possessing the land or selling it are true owners, assessing legal deeds and documents of transfer and also acquiring the deed of title or official deed.

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Legal Overview of Lands in Iran

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