Foreign investment in Iran

مقالات و نکات کاربردی

Foreign investment


Eventually, after 12 years of imposing sanctions against Iran by governments and international organizations, in January 14, 2016, all banking, petroleum, insurance etc. sanctions have been lifted. This provides countless opportunities for investors and heralds an optimistic and prosperous future for various Iranian industries. In order to find a comprehensive perception about post-sanctions circumstances, it is necessary to elaborate the rules and regulations and investment framework of Iran. After nearly 48 years, the new law on foreign investment in Iran under the name of “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA) was ratified by the Parliament in 2002. FIPPA replaced the Law for the “Attraction and Protection of Foreign Investment” which was in effect since 1955. FIPPA’s replacement of LAPFI has further enhanced the legal framework and operational environment for foreign investors in Iran.

Foreign investment

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